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Frequently Asked Questions:


Am I eligible for the program as an LGBTQ individual?

Yes. Eligibility for the program is not restricted by sex, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or the choice to use the services of a surrogate.


Do I need a referral from a doctor to be eligible for Ontario funded IVF treatments?

While you are encouraged to discuss your specific medical situation with your doctor, eligibility for Ontario funded IVF is not dependent on a physician referral. You may download a referral form for one of the participating clinics, TRIO Fertility, here.


Who will cover the cost of fertility drugs for fertility services?

You would need to cover these drug costs yourself. Some private health plans may cover some of these drug costs. Talk to your health insurance provider to see if these costs are covered.


How many IVF cycles are being funded per patient?

Ontario is only funding one IVF cycle per patient. Ontario’s definition of “IVF cycle” includes the one-at-a-time transfer of all viable fresh and frozen embryos to allow for the possibility of multiple chances for pregnancy.


How is the definition of an "IVF cycle" different under the new funding program?

The old definition of a “cycle” included an egg retrieval service and a‎n embryo transfer service. A “cycle” under the new program is the one-at-a-time transfer of all viable fresh and frozen embryos to allow for the possibility of multiple chances for pregnancy.


Can I use a donor?

Yes. For IUI, the program covers services for patients using donor sperm but does not cover the cost to purchase donor sperm.

For IVF, other people can participate in the patient’s funded IVF cycle (such as providing eggs or sperm). There is no age requirement for them, but they must also hold a valid Ontario health card in order to receive funded services (such as egg retrieval or sperm collection/retrieval); otherwise, the clinic may charge for the services provided to the other participants.


I’m not interested in having a baby right now, but would like to freeze my eggs to keep that option available sometime in the future. Would this be covered by the program?

No. Access to IVF-related services for fertility preservation, such as egg (or sperm) preservation, will be offered for medical reasons only. An example of a medical reason is undergoing cancer treatment that may put the patient at risk of infertility in connection with that treatment.


How many embryos can I transfer?

A multiple pregnancy (twins/triplets) presents health risks for mothers and babies. There is a mandatory single embryo transfer policy for funded IVF, although there are some exceptions based on patient age and other medical criteria.


Are there waiting lists to receive funded IVF cycles?

Yes. Waiting times to receive funded IVF varies from clinic to clinic. Each participating fertility clinic has established wait list policies to manage patients seeking funded services.


I have been paying for my IVF costs on my own before the new program was introduced. Can I receive reimbursement for those previous out-of-pocket costs?

The new funding program does not cover retroactive payments for any previously-incurred expenses for fertility services already received.

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